Just a bit more

Today I ordered a standard 30 gallon stockpot boil kettle for the home brewery.  This means I will be able to boil up to 25 gallons of wort, producing up to 20 gallon batches of finished beer.  That’s a bit of a step up from the current 12 gallon limitations.  I am going to drill a hole and install a 1/2″ stainless steel ball valve and she’ll be ready to rock.  15 and 20 gallon batches will help me keep up with tastings and events this summer while spending less time in the home brewery and more time at the bunker getting work done and progress made!

No major equipment has been purchased for THE BriarScratch Brewery yet.  Lots of work to be done before we can reward ourselves with toys!  The licensed brewing operation will most likely have a 100 gallon boil kettle allowing me to produce 2 bbl (62 gallon) batches or finished and taxed beer.  I plan to work with a local manufacturer of brewing equipment located in Knoxville, TN.  Check out their shiny treasures at www.bubbasbarrels.com.

I’m currently working in West Virginia but will be traveling home for the weekend.  Next brewday is scheduled for this Saturday, 3/16/13.  Several friends are planning to stop by and get in on the action.  We’ll be brewing 2 of the flagship beers, Mudpit Porter and Cottontown Brown.