Sumner Summer 2017

Mid July.  2017.  Sumner County, Tennessee.


Beer gets hot really fast if you don’t keep it on ice.  That’s my least favorite thing about Summertime. Well, sweat bees and chiggers, too.  Not a fan of those biting insects!  I hope you find this writing in the midst of enjoying your summertime.  Next thing we know it’ll be football and orange leaves (my favorite).  A quick update from the brewery goes as follows.  We have been experiencing more frequent brew days now that we have begun working with a local distribution company.  I have found our beer being sold to retailers as far east as Johnson City!  Nashville, the Boro, Franklin, LaVergne, Knoxville, and Cleveland have all been drinking down home brews the past couple months and it’s an incredible feeling to know that these brews are finding more folks.  Gallatin and Hendersonville haven’t slowed down though!  We are trying to be involved just as much locally as ever before.  Our friends at Awedaddy’s, Moby Dicky’s, Bluegrass Bar and Grill, Pour Vous, Starr Ranch, Sanders Ferry Pizza, and of course Prince Street Pizza and Pub have been blasting through some serious suds these past few months!  We have put out double time on the Blonde, Cottontown Brown, and of course the summer seasonal, Sumner Summer 2017!  This year we have made up a few more kegs of Summer Blues, the blueberry version of our summer Kolsch as well as Sumner Shandy, a lemon lime shady concotion with Kolsch and soda.  Sumner Summer 12oz cans are out in the market and I’m excited to announce that Summer Blues will go into cans at the end of this month!!  On top of brewing, I have taken on a number of projects both in and out of the brewery.  In the brewery we are finishing the layout of our upstairs loft area.  Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and lounging area, as well as a front and back balcony style deck, this area will be a comfortable spot for us to actually relax, host events, and act as a safe haven in case someone over samples our product.  On top of that I am building an expansion to the walk-in cooler to allow us to rotate more liquid into packaging and to store all these cases of cans!  The refrigerated trailer is nearly complete and is currently acting as extra cooler space until I finish the actual cooler expansion.  Once that is complete I will be able to utilize my trailer for cold deliveries (which I could desperately use right now!)  The building of this cooler has led me to take on a side job building another walk-in cooler for one of our customers.  This week we are known as “The Cooler Dudes”.

We recently had our first official Nashville tapping events.  Pint nights hosted by Jack Brown’s and The Picnic Tap.  Both events went over well and lots of our brew was enjoyed by Nashvillians!

Lastly, before this post gets too lengthy,  I want to announce that we are hosting an event (the first brewery sponsored event….at the brewery) for the upcoming historic solar eclipse!  Instead of describing it here, just click here.  It’s sure to be a great afternoon in Cottontown!SumnerSummerEclipse

Welp, that’s all the time I have for this computer.  Today we are making pickles so I have to go to the store. Stay cool out there!



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  1. Great newsletter Brad. Proud of what you are doing. We will consider Briar Scratch as a viewing location for the eclipse in August.