The Holler


Things move a little slower back here in the holler.  The sun rises a little later and sets a little earlier.  The air seems fresher and the spring water flows days and night, weaving its way into the creek beds.  Sounds resonate off the side of the hills, I guess that’s why all the neighbors seem to be up on the latest gossip!  Nobody is alarmed when they hear the occasional gunshots and it’s not uncommon to hear some folks raising a little hell on ATVs or during a little weekend gathering. Most nights the sky is saturated with stars and there’s enough moonlight to light your way.

holler1Crickets and tree frogs provide the almost over-looked background melodies.  Occasionally the dogs and coyotes get in a shouting match and in the distance you’ll hear the south tunnel train making it’s run. Listen for long enough and you’ll hear the song of the mysterious Whippoorwill that cuts loose during the few hours before dawn.  I’m truly grateful to be able to call such a unique country setting my home and a perfect escape to the everyday hustle and bustle of society.


The BriarScratch Bunker is located right past where that blacktop ends, at the dead end of Bursby Branch Rd.  Soon, the smell of rich malt and bouquets of hops will fill the holler as we craft each brew, one small batch at a time.  We hope you can come share the BriarScratch Holler experience with us in the near future.  With every pint comes a piece of history in the making.