Spring forward!

Well I reckon its about past time to add an update to this so-called blog!  Hmmm…where to begin?  It’s been a cold winter but spring has sprung and things are starting to come out of the woodwork.  First off, I must say, interest in Briarscratch Brewing has grown quite a bit over the past few months.  Everywhere I go, someone asks me how the brewery project is coming along.  I simply tell them that we are inching along in the right direction.  Getting the idea across to a panel of local government officials and non-beer drinkers, that a brewery on a backroad of a rural part of a county that has previously never had a brewery……has been no simple task.  But alas, we have seen the light!  On March 17th, 2014, The Sumner County Commission voted yes to allow Wineries and Breweries and uses permitted on appeal with a site plan review under the Agricultural Zoning Provisions.  This means that breweries can happen on Ag land…and happen they will!  Our meeting with the Zoning Board of Appeals is May 8th to request a special use permit to approve our location on Bursby Branch Rd.  It’s getting real ya’ll!

We are getting our septic system installed at the bunker in early May.  Drains are important!  Plumbing will shortly follow, then we will begin our layout for the essentials and acquiring equipment.

Briarscratch Brewing has had a few local events recently.  We have hosted a few tastings at our favorite local watering hole, The Whippoorwill.  We have been involved with our local Young Professionals Group supplying free beer samples at The historic Palace Theatre and Sumner County Museum.  We have also been invited to The Annual Taste of Gallatin and The Gala at Cragfont.  These are all awesome local Gallatin events that I feel honored to be a part of.  There is also a local beer pairing dinner in the works!

Big thanks goes out to two local guys for doing some great art for the cause!  First off Josh Curd with Little Josh Productions for making an awesome promotional video for my vision of craft beer in the holler.  You can find the link to the video on our homepage.  Also big thanks to Derek Joins for working up an amazing piece of artwork for us to use as a logo!

We have some new glassware available for sale!  Pint Jars and Mini Growlers have been logo’d up for our family and followers to enjoy their favorite craft beers, and hopefully some Briarscratch brews in the near future.  Get yours!

I set up a new hop trellis system in hopes of growing a decent crop of various hops this year.  Dad and I will also be checking out a small micro malting facility in Reno NV in a few weeks while out there for work.  I have big ideas of locally grown and malted barley, combined with homegrown hops and isolated yeast right out of the holler air.  Pair that with fresh drawn spring water and you have yourself a full blown Middle Tennessee Farmhouse Ale!  We’ll see how that pans out over the next year.  Can’t get ahead of myself!

Once I get these permits in place then I can fill out the applications for the other permits.  Permits on permits!  Slowly but surely we’ll get there and I can’t wait to brew it!

Until next time, Cheers!