Spreading the local love, May 23rd

So very excited to announce being a part of yet another premiere local event for the month of May.  On Thursday, May 23rd, come out to Triple Creek Park from 5 to 8pm for the 6th annual Taste of Gallatin event sponsored by Gallatin Chamber of Commerce.  This event is set up to spotlight our city’s local food scene and various other local business.  What pairs well with local food??  Local handcrafted beer of course!

I am honored that the ladies of the Chamber of Commerce have allowed BriarScratch Brewery to come and serve samples of my various beer styles to the public of my hometown.  Ever since this whole idea started taking shape this is the exact kind of event I dreamed of being a part of.  Over 1000 individuals are expected to take part in this event!  I figure at least 30% will visit and sample from the beer and wine booths so that equals to a whole batch of new taste buds to come in contact with my brews!  I certainly can’t wait to set up my little beverage display at this wonderful local event and share my passion and knowledge for this unique craft.  I’ll have 4, maybe even 5 different styles for everyone to choose, all very different in flavor, aroma, and character.  I know one thing, after this event, sample supplies will be running low!  Thank you for all your support and kind words throughout this adventure.  It’s all the more reason to get another brew in the kettle.  Cheers!