Progress Update

It’s another sunny summer day in Cottontown, with a nice breeze blowing across the back porch as I peck away at my laptop.  Things are definitely happening down at the Bunker. We are currently gouging into the earth as we trench out our path to the nearest source of water service.  We have roughly estimated this to be distance of almost 1600 feet.  That’s a long dig!  Thankfully we have a wonderfully kind neighbor who owns a track hoe and enjoys helping his friends.  Our septic system is fully installed.  Now we just need water to put down those drains.  As all of this plumbing conundrum comes together, it makes me appreciate the value of a home or office.  You probably don’t think about the ins and outs of your system every time you flush the toilet, but it’s a pretty miraculous thing!  We’re looking at roughly $10,000+ in expenses by the time I get that glorious opportunity to flush the toilet at the bunker for the very first time.  Now as for the beer, it will still be my full intention to use nature’s spring water that is gifted to us up at the other end of the holler.  That’s it currently on the construction end of things.  In the coming weeks we will be installing interior plumbing, framing out necessary rooms: (bathroom, closet, fermentation room, walk-in cooler, grain mill, and yeast bay), and finishing electrical and fixture placement.

That all sounds fun-filled and what not right?  Well, for myself, the most fun is going to come very soon, as I have applied for a small loan so I can sink all the necessary funds into this project sooner than later.  When granted this chunk of money, I am going to begin purchasing brewing equipment.  That will deserve its own post so I can share with ya’ll the glorious toys that will soon rest soundly in our backwoods brewery.


Cheers to making ideas come to life,