March and April and Maybe it’s time…

For those of you that are subscribed to this website update, howdy and thanks for your interest in my little brewery.  My last post was about celebrating two years in business.  Our Tap the Town event in Gallatin is a blast every year and I’m so humbled by all the folks that come out to downtown Gallatin, share our delicious beers in my hometown and celebrate our ongoing and growing business.  This post is about the grassroots steps I’ve taken to make more beer.  Speaking of growing, the brewery is definitely growing.  More so growing out than growing up.  As many of you know, I still work a part time seasonal traveling gig with my Dad, so starting the brewery was always operating around a seasonal schedule.  Mainly it was working leisurely, then working really hard for two weeks to prepare to be out of town for another two, or even 3 weeks.  The support team I’ve had from the beginning, is still there keeping things afloat while I’m away, even more so than ever.  Throughout 2016, we brewed an average of 1 batch per week or 2.75 bbls of beer, selling around 10bbls per month.  Self-distribution in Sumner County has grown our availability to now 20 locations!  We’re now brewing more often averaging 8.5bbls per week.  We hit a wall in March.  Beer was stacking up in the cooler and while our best-seller Creekbank Blonde was moving quickly, our other beloved varieties weren’t getting the attention they deserve. OK, so back up almost a year ago, I made the decision to purchase a 10bbl stainless jacketed fermentation tank.  In order to ferment beer in the tank I had to have circulating chilled glycol.  Had the equipment but couldn’t get it to get cold enough.  So a few months pass and I finally get the chiller working thanks to a few knowledgeable individuals and a few new parts.  As each month passes, the tank just collects more dust and I decided I couldn’t put beer in it because I didn’t quite have the amount of kegs or even cooler space for 10bbls of one beer.  It was a big efficiency and production restraint.

So, getting back to the month of March….I made the biggest decision thus far, and that was to sign with a local distribution company to take our beer to more locations. This happened in conjunction with the first filling of Creekbank Blonde into the new fermenter, participating in East Nashville Beer Festival, and making the decision to have a local mobile canning company come in to the brewery with their equipment and fill 12oz cans.  Needless to say, a lot of decisions made in a short period of time that has changed the business tremendously!  All I can think is that we did it, now we have to keep doing it again.  See our Whats On Tap section on our website to see all of the new locations that have received our first round of cans and limited kegs.  That’s enough for one write-up to bring everyone up to speed on what’s pretty much going on.  Have you found our Creekbank Cans yet?  Next post will come in a few weeks and I will talk about some of the events and experiences with moving into the Nashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville, and Chattanooga Markets.  Stay Tuned!



BradIMG_1765 cans 2 cans

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  1. Please send to your followers that you will be at CAP Springfest this Saturday, May 6th from 4:00 – 8:00 at the Comer Barn on Nashville Pike