Long, Cold Winter

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in with a website post.  There are a few reasons for that.  Mainly, one can only hype up something so much that’s not available to the public before folks begin to lose interest, so I’ve been letting some things build up.  It has truly been one ridiculously cold and eventful winter so far.  Beers have been brewed and beers have been consumed by many.  From our Harvest Ale brewed with ripe persimmons and spices, to our Night Rambler Ale brewed with roasted malts, oats, and cocoa, to our flagships; Creekbank Blonde and Cottontown Brown, we have seemed to win over some taste buds and create a few dozen more believers in this little back country operation.  Have we gotten any closer to having the county approve our location?  I can’t say yes for about 5 more weeks.  This is what’s happened over the past few months… Our local Planning Committee has attempted to open up more opportunities for rural property owners like myself to operate small handcrafted business by creating a legislation to support “Agritourism”.  Once it made it in front of the County Commissioners in November, BREWERIES were singled out as being potentially too large and out of place for this particular setting.  That’s OK, we get that.  Breweries can be extremely large and extremely industrial.  But they can also be very small and charismatic and focus on the more natural aspects of farming raw materials and creating a hand crafted product.  So in an attempt to fuel this entrepreneurial fire I have started, our Planning Committee has rewritten a list of specifics for establishing and operating small scale wineries/breweries on agricultural zoned properties.  This should go in front of the Commission next month and lets just hope they can all agree.  Patience is running thin out here.  Ideally if this goes through, I will still have a few hurdles to jump locally, but hopefully no brick walls to tear down.  The goal is to just keep chuggin’ along and get something unique established, one way or another, to sell my beer in my hometown where I grew up.

In other news:  A like-minded local entrepreneur named Josh Curd has approached me with a proposal to film a documentary style video of the BriarScratch story, with his company Little Josh Productions.  We expect the finished film to be ready early March and uploaded to the internet for all your viewing pleasure!  This will be great for everyone to be able to get a sneak peak into the place that I call home and what kind of idea that’s brewing up out here.

Let’s just hope this Spring brings good progress for the sake of good beer!



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