Hi Honey!

So long September!  Man oh man has it been a fast year.  Is it just me?  Here we are, October 1st, 2015, making plans and booking up weekends for the remainder of the year. I remember this time last year, anxious to receive my new shiny brewing equipment and walking around in a pile of construction madness.  My little operation in the holler has come a long way over the past year and it seems as though things are evolving right on pace with what I imagined in my head several years ago.  I had no business plan, no blueprints, no financial structure, only the knowledge that craft beer is being accepted and is a product that just works when done correctly.  With all that said, we have made it into the 4th season, which just so happens to be one of my favorites!  Cooler weather, colorful scenery, football, and an explosion of flavors!  Fall is just awesome….plain and simple.  I’m excited to work on some fall flavors in the brewery this month and we have plenty of them!  As Sumner Summer has faded away so has that beer.  You can actually find the last two kegs of it lingering around town, I’ll just leave that to you to seek it out if you wish.  With Autumn in the air, we have some new stuff to drop on your taste buds starting with the official Fall Seasonal, Hi Honey Autumn Ale.  As a kid I spent a lot of time with my Grandma.  If any of her 10 grandkids would call her up on the phone she would always start off my saying “Hi Honey”.  In the 1980s she had her own small local business in Gallatin.  Evelyn’s Monogramming Shop was located on Main St. and was well known all around.  Grandma’s house was right in the heart of Gallatin’s Main St. neighborhood and I could always hear the cheers of the Green Wave football games on Friday nights.  I sure do miss my Grandma and wish she was here to see the endeavor that I have worked hard to create.

As a small ode to Miss Evelyn, Hi Honey Autumn Ale is an amber ale, made with munich and caramel malts, oats, and honey nut cheerios.  Then 10lbs of local honey is added to every batch.  It has a distinct honey flavor and light body, and a honey color that is just the perfect fit to the season.

Next up on the fall tour is a little Oktoberfest, TN style.  Since we don’t yet have the proper equipment to do traditional lagers, our FlannelFest is an amber brew, fermented cool (not cold), and made with Munich malts and German hops to create something that just kinda sorta works.  Time to bust out those Flannels and fill up those mugs and toast to changing of the wardrobe!

I’m bringing the darkness back with Mudpit Porter batch #2.  Batch 1 was released in the spring and made a few fans along the way.  The thing is, we forgot to add the cocoa powder which was part of the original recipe.  This is not a seasonal.  This is one of my main go-to recipes for those that like dark beer.  This one carries all the qualities that I love in a good porter beer:  1) Light to medium body, not thick at all.  2)Additions of oats create a silky texture and enhanced mouthfeel.  3)Molasses adds an extra layer of complexity to the flavor and lends to a dryer finish.  4)Cocoa adds an extra layer of chocolate flavor and aroma to the already expected coffee, caramel, and dark chocolate flavors from the roasted barley and caramel malt. 5)Just enough hop bitterness to balance the sweetness and make for an overall amazing drinking experience.  Stir all that up in a glass and you’ve got a mudpit of flavor!

The Volunteer!  Possibly a brew that I’m most anticipating.  Honestly, as I write this, I have no idea how this beer is coming along.  The idea started as an Orange and White brew.  Orange peel and White Peppercorns were what I had in mind.  Traditional Belgian Wits use Orange Peel and coriander, so i thought I go a little off the trail with that.  I brewed up a wheat ale base with 33% wheat malt and 64% Pilsner malt.  3% roasted barley went in as a color adjustment in attempt to bring an orange hue to the beer.  I think I may have gone a bit to heavy and need to scale back to 2% because its looked sort of a dark copper. Next was the boil process, where it was bittered to a nice balance with Magnum hops, and finished with zest of 8 oranges, 35 grams of ground white pepper, and 8oz of Sorachi Ace hops.  Sorachi Ace is a unique hop variety that originated in Japan and contributes a nice lemon citrus character.  I’m a little worried I went to hard on the pepper but only time and yeast magic will tell.  This one should be about ready in a few days!  Its too bad the team in which inspired such a brew isn’t quite performing the same…

What about the hoppy stuff?  Ah yes, the best selling craft beer style in America, the India Pale Ale.  Back when I worked at ther Bearden Beer Market in Knoxville in 2010, the most common question was, whats your lightest thing on tap?  Now, you hear much more often, what kind of IPA do you have?  My how things have evolved in just 5 short years.  The craft beer craze is bigger than ever and hops are all the rage.  Not just any of the 200+ starins of hops, it’s the pungent, piney, resinous hops that these hopheads want.  My Dad happens to be one of those converts.  It all started when he told me I had to keep something hoppy on tap.  So Pop’s Hops was born.  Then came Pop’sHops #2, then #3.  When it came time to brew our first commercial beers, I was ready to create #7.  Each Pop’s Hops is a different recipe, showcasing the beauty of hop flavor with various other ingredients.  Not always an IPA to style, but always a beer that has gone through a “dry hop” stage where at least 4 to 6 times the regular amount of hops passes through the beer.  Pop’s Hops #10 is a golden ale base, weighing in right at 5% alcohol by volume, highly hopped with Chinook and Citra hops, and fermented with the Kolsch yeast strain used in Sumner Summer for a delicate fruit and malt profile and clean finish.  This week it will get a double dose of those same hops straight into the fermented ale.  After a week of extracting those amazing oils, the beer will have a very pronounced aroma and flavor.  Enjoy!


If you’re still reading….in other news we have a few events coming up.  This Saturday, Jessica will be at Cragfont for the Handmade Harvest Festival.  Enjoy samples of Blonde and Flannel, along with our shirts and glasses for sale.  Tuesaday 10/6 I’ll be at Crescent City Po Boys from 7-9pm jamming to live blues and talking up our beers.  $1 from every BS Beer sold will go towards the cure for breast cancer!  Saturday 10/24 is the TN guild Fest at Little Harpeth Brewery in honor of the TN Craft Brewers Guild.  I will be out of town with the other job, but hopefully we will be able to assemble a crew to represent there!  That’s all we got so far for October!  We’ll be looking for our next location to release our beer in Hendersonville soon as well so be on the lookout for that!


Thank you so much for supporting my dream as a small town brewer.  It’s truly amazing that so many folks have chosen to drink local!