My favorite time of year is upon us!  And what a wonderful time of year for the craft beer drinker.  The crisp air, football, the leaves turning, and the autumn harvests pair so beautifully with the brown ales, Oktoberfest, and the pumpkin spiced beers that are beginning to grace our shelves.  Fall is the season of change, and change is what we’ve been looking for!  We want the freedom to be able to establish our little farm inspired brewery….on the farm!  Jumping through local government hoops and spending money on permits and requirements, just to sit in front of a group of people that know nothing about this business and tell you its not feasible, is quite the bummer.  Graciously enough, however, we have been joined with the right open minded people that want to see more good things come from our community.  Why would anyone say no to any type of business that was respectful, responsible, natural, creative, and controlled?  I’m not sure, but those positive adjectives among many others describe craft breweries.  So today, we are on the edge of doing something new.  The agri-tourism amendment was passed by the commission and we may be very well on our way to location approval from the county by early November.  Does everyone think we need a beer brewery in a barn in Cottontown?  Definitely not.  Do you think we need a brewery in a barn that crafts delicious, natural, hand made beverages, brewed in small batches, offering unique local inspired brands and an ever changing rotation of seasonal styles, to be exclusive to our locally owned and operated retailers??  It’s a rhetorical question.

I am currently hopping about the country as I work my unique seasonal environmental training job with my dad.  I’m in St. Paul, MN at the moment (a long long way from home), but don’t think I don’t have an abundance of tasty brew both packaged in small kegs, and in fermentation back in the holler.  Why don’t you join me and the team, as I return home on Thursday, Oct. 3rd and hustle up some serving equipment to set up and give away free samples down on Gallatin’s Historic Town Square!?!  The Gallatin 3rd Thursday on Main has been scheduled for the 1st Thursday in October (it’s a weather thing) and we have teamed up with The Whippoorwill to provide you with samples of 2 of our beer styles and maybe a few other special concoctions!  Free Music, free beer, and free high fives all around.

Cheers to progress and to you for reading this far!


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