Cheers to The Years

As much as I would like to keep our friends and consumers updated, I have managed to go almost 9 months without one of these posts.  Somebody could have conceived and birthed a child in this amount of time, and I can’t even count the amount of ideas I have conceived in a 9 month period.  In my last post I was summing up some of our accomplishments in 2015 and here I sit, summing up some of our accomplishments in 2016. I mentioned that our goal for 2016 was to sell 200 barrels of beer and we managed to squeeze out 198 barrels!  I’ll take it!  I also talked about the increase in production with some of the new tanks and kegs.  Well, we did receive that shiny new fermenter back in the summer, but I have yet to fill it with beer due to some hiccups in getting our glycol refrigeration system hooked up.  Fermentation temperature is very important to the outcome of the beer and since this tank sets freely out in the production area, it has to have the ability to allow super cold liquid to flow through cooling jackets to regulate the temperature of the liquid inside.  So in the meantime we are sticking with our original plastic tanks in the dedicated 66 degree room.


Ironically in the last post I ended with talking about our most recent beer, Unincorporated.  Just last night we tapped the first keg of the second batch of this beer which I call an “ungoverned ale”, since it blurs the lines of a few different beer styles.  Every Wednesday we tap a different beer at Prince Street Pizza and Pub, my restaurant which has seen pretty awesome success.  Prince Street turns 1 year old this month and we are celebrating our first anniversary on January 14th with pizza and beer specials all day.  We have another birthday in the works and we shall celebrate with an annual event we like to call Tap the Town!  BriarScratch turns 2 and we will host our 3rd annual downtown Gallatin pub crawl on February 18th.  It’s been a crazy 2 years getting to know how this business was going to unfold with my seasonal work schedule balancing brewing and now a pizzeria taproom on top.  As for the pizzeria, we got a bit ambitious back in the summer and our landlord offered us a location in Hendersonville by the lake, formerly the location of Piranhas.  We decided to take this somewhat turn-key bar and open Sanders Ferry Pizza and Pub.  It took off pretty quick but with the cold months came very slow business.  I could write a whole story in itself about that place but needless to say, we were handed an offer to sell the business and as of this month, even though the place is only less than 5 months old, we have sold our Hendersonville business and  decided to focus more time and energy back into our roots in Gallatin.  However, this post is about BriarScratch and BriarScratch will continue to be sold at Sanders Ferry Pizza and Pub!  We launched at another Hendersonville location recently and you can now find our beer at Black Eyed Pea.

How about that new law change?!  If you are unaware, beer is now defined as a malt beverage up to 8% alcohol by weight instead of the previous 5%.. What does that mean?  We can now brew beer up to the equivalent strength of 10.1% ABV along with being able to sell these beers at Prince Street and everywhere your favorite BriarScratch beer is available.  For our first stronger option, we are fermenting an American Strong Ale and transferring a portion of it to be aged in a Four Roses Bourbon barrel.  Some other beers to be brewed on the horizon include a Vermont style IPA, an India Brown Ale collaboration with Panther Creek from Murfreesboro, and an Imperial Stout.

Some construction has taken place at the brewery this Summer.  We added a new loading deck, mill room, and covered the entire front half of the building with a metal roof supported by live edge cedar posts.  This changed the entire look and functionality of the building.  We are also half way finished with the long overdue upstairs completion.  This area has been unfinished since I purchased the place in 2011 and we are now cramming it full of material to make a super sweet guest quarters directly above the brewery.  Future plans will allow us to use this space for family, friends, guests, and events.

Join us this Saturday night as we do a tap takeover with Swaney Swift for their 2nd birthday and next Saturday for Prince Street’s 1st birthday.  We are also planning a beer dinner with Crescent City Po Boys that we will keep you in the loop about.  Follow us on Facebook for all the updates!


That’s all for this moment in time.  I need to go keg some beer!