The Brewery

BriarScratch Brewing is a “nano-brewery” located on our property in what we call BriarScratch Holler.  Nanos brew less than 3 barrels of beer or 93 gallons per batch.  Each batch of beer is made using the traditional all grain brewing techniques of milling malted grain, mashing, lautering, boiling, chilling, then pitching fresh yeast.  We have various fermentation vessels and continue to grow and add more space for more beer!  We currently only package our finished beer in kegs, with the occasional canning of select brews. We self-distribute our kegs to local bars, restaurants, and stores with growler stations. Some of our beer is sold by Best Brands INC. around middle and East Tennessee.  Ask for BriarScratch Beer at your favorite spot!  Small, handcrafted, and exclusively local!

*Due to zoning restrictions, the brewery is not open to the public.  Private visits may be arranged by appointment.

9 thoughts on “The Brewery

  1. Hey Brad,

    What a blast! Living your dream and making it happen. Go for it man. I hope to come and get some of your brew sometime.


    David Ivey
    editor: e-zine

  2. Hey man I think its awesome what your doing. Its about time Sumner Co. got a brewery.
    Im the same way about the domestic type beers, just cant stand the stuff. Ever since I started working at Por Vous beer wine and liquor warehouse in Hendersonville cant get enough of the craft beer. Cant to get a chance to try yours.
    We also have a growler station in our store and a chance to get locally brewed beer is something I think would be awesome.

    • James, thanks for the comment and stopping by the website. I have met Pour Vous owner Don. He was very interested in my brewery and said that we could hopefully get a tap handle on the growler station when I get the ball rolling. I have a zoning hearing this evening and, if approved, we will get things going and hopefully have beer rolling out to the market by the first of the year. Pour Vous is a definite priority account for BriarScratch!

  3. Hi Brad – We are a mechanical contractor living in the country nearby. Wallace rd between 109 and dobbins pike. We do sanitary ss piping. if you need any of that we’ll try to help you out. Got a guy here that really likes craft beers. Karl Heinrich @ long hollow alpacas