Time to Spring Forward!

Hi ya’ll!

I’m currently writing this from Grand Rivers, KY.  As many of you know, the brewery is my “all the time part time” project and far from my full time job.  My full time job is more like a part time, however.  I work for Koontz Associates, which is an operation started by my dad and his long time colleague Carl Koontz.  We do “Smoke Schools”.  Smoke School is a quick and easy certification class for air pollution inspectors and industrial personnel for evaluating their visible emissions from their work facilities.  EPA Method #9 requires the individual to get re certified every 6 months, so, every 6 months we go do the smoke schools that Carl and Dad set into action over 20 years ago.  Carl hired me to take his spot on the road with my pops and continue the course of action.  We do all of our schools in the spring and again in the fall in 30 different locations in 16 different states.  So when the travel season starts up, we are on the move!  2 weeks on the road, a few days home, and then again a few more times.  It truly makes things interesting and gives me a huge appreciation for what all I have at home. Continue reading

The Town was Tapped!!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who showed support during the start up phase!  We had a huge success at our Tap the Town event.  So many great folks came out despite the weather being absolutely treacherous.  The bad weather was somewhat of a blessing because had it been nice out, things may have been pure chaos!  We sold more than 600 beers Saturday night in downtown Gallatin!  It was so satisfying to sit down and have my own hand made beer with lunch today.  BriarScratch beer is now on tap at The Grayfeather Grill, Crescent City Poboys, and Swaney Swifts on the Square.  We are coming to more local Sumner County establishments soon!




Yes my friends, the rumor is true.  People use the saying “A dream come true” somewhat loosely at times.  Well just a few years back I had an idea that I dreamed about from time to time.  That idea was to start a small business the brewed fresh, local beer.  That said business would be located in my little agriculture community of ,TN and distribute locally to the town that I was born and raised in, Gallatin TN.  Folks, on Saturday, February 21st, starting at 5pm, the very first glass of BriarScratch Beer will be sold to the public.
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What’s in store for 2015!

Happy NEW YEAR Ladies and Gents!  Who’da thunk that we would have made it this far?!  Well, 2015 is here and I know I’m excited!  Here’s the lowdown on BriarScratch Brewery as of this morning from the homestead.  So much that I want to spill out into text but I’m going to try and keep things to a minimum here.  As many of you know, this is not just a business, actually kind of far from it.  When I got into homebrewing and the craft beer movement in 2009, I had no idea this is what would be happening in 2015.  Even when I bought the building and 9 acres in 2011, I would have never dreamed it would turn into the ultimate hobby dwelling, and Sumner’s first brewhouse at that.  Continue reading

Progress Update

It’s another sunny summer day in Cottontown, with a nice breeze blowing across the back porch as I peck away at my laptop.  Things are definitely happening down at the Bunker. We are currently gouging into the earth as we trench out our path to the nearest source of water service.  We have roughly estimated this to be distance of almost 1600 feet.  That’s a long dig!  Thankfully we have a wonderfully kind neighbor who owns a track hoe and enjoys helping his friends.  Our septic system is fully installed.  Now we just need water to put down those drains.  As all of this plumbing conundrum comes together, it makes me appreciate the value of a home or office.  You probably don’t think about the ins and outs of your system every time you flush the toilet, but it’s a pretty miraculous thing!  We’re looking at roughly $10,000+ in expenses by the time I get that glorious opportunity to flush the toilet at the bunker for the very first time.  Now as for the beer, it will still be my full intention to use nature’s spring water that is gifted to us up at the other end of the holler.  That’s it currently on the construction end of things.  In the coming weeks we will be installing interior plumbing, framing out necessary rooms: (bathroom, closet, fermentation room, walk-in cooler, grain mill, and yeast bay), and finishing electrical and fixture placement. Continue reading

“So where can I buy this?!”

Greetings from the hollers of Cottontown!  What a time we have had over the past few weeks.  Let’s just skip all the small talk and cover some of the more important happenings recently.  Well, for starters you may recall that I mentioned the whole county zoning resolution thing.  On March 17th the Sumner County Commission passed the amendment that would allow Breweries and Wineries to be permitted in Agricultural Zoned Districts under appeal.  Under this resolution falls 8 stipulations a winery or brewery must adhere to.  One of those being that I won’t be able to sell any product on site at the brewery.  Lots of people have asked me about where my beer will be sold and if they would be able to come buy products directly from the brewery.  We didn’t originally plan to have a taproom anyway, due to the narrow dead-end road we’re located on. Continue reading

Spring forward!

Well I reckon its about past time to add an update to this so-called blog!  Hmmm…where to begin?  It’s been a cold winter but spring has sprung and things are starting to come out of the woodwork.  First off, I must say, interest in Briarscratch Brewing has grown quite a bit over the past few months.  Everywhere I go, someone asks me how the brewery project is coming along.  I simply tell them that we are inching along in the right direction.  Getting the idea across to a panel of local government officials and non-beer drinkers, that a brewery on a backroad of a rural part of a county that has previously never had a brewery……has been no simple task.  But alas, we have seen the light!  Continue reading

Local tasting coming up

Tuesday, February 25th we will be hosting a tasting at Gallatin’s Whippoorwill, located on our downtown square.  Come out and taste 3 different brews and hang around for dinner and a live blues jam.

From 5-7pm we’ll be pouring Creekbank Blonde, Pop’s Hops IPA, and Tennessee Night Rambler Oatmeal Stout and talking about the current state of Briarscratch Brewery and what’s happening locally to hopefully get us up and running on the farm. Continue reading

Long, Cold Winter

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in with a website post.  There are a few reasons for that.  Mainly, one can only hype up something so much that’s not available to the public before folks begin to lose interest, so I’ve been letting some things build up.  It has truly been one ridiculously cold and eventful winter so far.  Beers have been brewed and beers have been consumed by many.  From our Harvest Ale brewed with ripe persimmons and spices, to our Night Rambler Ale brewed with roasted malts, oats, and cocoa, to our flagships; Creekbank Blonde and Cottontown Brown, we have seemed to win over some taste buds and create a few dozen more believers in this little back country operation.  Have we gotten any closer to having the county approve our location?  I can’t say yes for about 5 more weeks.  This is what’s happened over the past few months… Continue reading

Cold weather gear

hoodieWe have some Briarscratch logo hoodies and long sleeve shirts going into production next week.  There will only be a few extras so get your pre order in if you wanna represent this little local project!  Hooded Sweatshirts are available in Navy, Charcoal grey, and Dark Brown.  All with orange logo.  Sweatshirts are $30 or $50 for 2.  Long Sleeves are $20 each.  All high quality brands.  Just email us if you’re interested!