Another Sumner Summer coming to an end

Here we are, staring down September.  Who doesn’t love September though?!  Kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down, and football season is kicking off!  I personally love Fall!  Favorite season I must say.  Something about stepping outside in the middle of fall, out here in the country when everything is dry, leaves are orange, and the air is crisp.  I’ve got some fall-y things that I’m pretty excited about in the brewery.  1st up is the brand spankin new Fall Seasonal brew from BriarScratch Brewing.  Hi Honey Autumn Ale is an American style Amber Ale made with 2row barley, caramel malt, and a few boxes of honey nut cherrios!  Now, we’re not the first brewery to put breakfast cereal in a brew.  Beer is made from grains.  Cereal is made of grains.  Cheerios especially are made from oats, which when using oats in a brew can enhance the body and flavor of certain beer styles.  It also happens to be one of my favorite cereals and is about what I’m going for in the flavor profile of this beer.  An addition of 10lbs of local honey was also added to the brew.  I was able to purchase a 5 gallon bucket from a local hive owner, John Ratcliff.  This will allow me to replicate the recipe 6 times to keep this beer flowing throughout the fall season.  The beer is still about 2 weeks from being ready to keg, and will be released at Gallatin’s 3rd Thursday event on September 17th.  Upon the release I will talk a little more about the origin of Hi Honey.  Until then I need ya’lls help finishing off the Sumner Summer Ale!

We have a new release location this week.  Wednesday 8/26, join us at 7pm at Half Time Sports Bar and Grill for the official BriarScratch tap launch.  We will be accompanied by Clint Park and David Wakefield performing live acoustic jams!

Upcoming events:

8/26:  Half Time tap launch

9/10: Taste of Hendersonville w/Bluegrass Beverages

9/17: 3rd Thursday on Main in Gallatin

9/19: Brewfest at the Barn, Gallatin TN