A hot topic

Our recent appearance at the annual Taste of Gallatin has created a bit of buzz around town over the past 2 weeks.  The local exposure was wonderful and I was able to let many folks know about BriarScratch.  Apparently we were a crowd favorite as well after being awarded Best Exhibitor and Best Beverage award from the event!  Being involved with the local Chamber of Commerce has led us to meet dozens of new people.  They also got me interested in attending a local city counsel meeting in Gallatin when I was informed that the city would soon be voting on regulating local alcohol manufacturing.  This triggered an interest in the local news and I became both directly and indirectly involved in the topic.  The link to the article is posted at the bottom.

On the business legal side of things in the upcoming weeks, I will be finalizing plans for septic and getting my application in for my conditional zoning permit for 544 Bursby Branch Rd.  Assuming all goes well, we will see some serious progress with the construction of the brewery by August.  If the zoning doesn’t work out….well then it’s back to the drawing board for other options and a huge setback in the way.

On the home brewing side of things in the upcoming weeks, I will be serving some brews at a good friends wedding this weekend, and the Ronbonnaroo music festival in Bethpage will be seeing some Cottontown Brown and Sumner Summer Ale on June 22nd.

Wish me luck!