2015 = Strong

Since February 21st, I have been galavanting about town, creating relationships with small business owners, and selling my dream product, kegs of craft beer brewed in Cottontown Tennessee. It has been some of the greatest and most enjoyable accomplishments of my life! Today I was able to view an article published on a well known national online magazine that BriarScratch was fearured in. You can see that here. 50 in 50 <~~

I haven’t brewed or sold quite as much beer in the past 3 months as I did over the summer but that’s ok because I have found a groove in the entire operation, as the first few months were very new and a definite learning curve. Things have been pretty smooth sailing this season and I have the largest inventory of full kegs in my walk-in cooler to date. This business isn’t meant to grow grow grow like most traditonal manufacturing. It is and will be a small operation on the farm catering to local community flavor.

I have released and about to release some news beers. Pops Hops #10 was a beautiful session IPA, highly rated by the local hop heads, and only a few kegs remain.  I whipped up a brew I call The Volunteer. An American style wheat beer with an addition of orange zest and white pepper. One of my personal favorites thus far as far as flavor and balance plus a little  Vols love!  Pops Hops #11 is on its way and it has a big tropical and piney hop flavor backed up with a distinct honey malt base. Lastly, one of my favorite homebrew recipes made its scale-up debut on Thanksgiving. Holler Harvest is a fall spiced amber ale with wild local persimmon fruit added. Check out Whats on Tap?! To see updates to where you can find these tasty creations and all our other offerings!

Its time for another big announcement as well! I am helping set up Gallatin’s newest business, Prince Street Pizza and Pub! The pub will feature a vast craft beer selection including 4-5 BriarScratch Brews!! They will offer flight samplers, pints, pitchers, and growlers to go, along with delicious pizza and such. Again, we are tapping into an untouched market in Gallatin! Opening January 6th!

This weekend, Eddie and I will be brewing up the official Winter seasonal, South Tunnel Stout! This roasty stout is a hybrid of all my favorite stout varities: Milk Stout, Oatmeal Stout, and Chocolate Stout. Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Stout combines lactose sugar, malted oats, flaked oats, cocoa powder, and cocoa nibs with 5 varities of malted barley to create a surprisingly easy drinking flavorful winter beer. Look for it around Christmas!

Keep up the support and drink craft beer!